Dani Rosenoer – ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’

A singer, songwriter, producer, and self-confessed media junkie, Dani Rosenoer has been a fixture of Canada’s music scene for the past decade, working with bands like Three Days Grace and Devour The Day, while also forging his own solo career with a string of impressive independent albums and EP’s. A unique talent, he’s made an indelible mark on the industry, and now, with the release of new album, ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’, he’s proved that he still has plenty more to give.

Born in Moscow, but raised in Jerusalem, Dani later immigrated with his family to Toronto, Canada, where he currently resides. Classically trained on the piano from a young age, he found his passion for music early, and over the years, he’s never stopped chasing his dream. In 2016, Dani released his second full-length album via Pledge Music, an album that would lay the foundation for ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’.

An immediately intriguing release, ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’ is a clever mix of re-imagined singles and brand-new recordings that have been carefully stitched together to create a complex and captivating tale. Recorded at his home studio between 2019 and 2021, the album blends electronic overtones with stark, progressive pieces, creating a visceral maelstrom of sounds that will have you hooked from the start.

Released exclusively on Bandcamp, the new album is an impressive blend of old and new releases that travel through Dani’s complete catalogue, proving his talents time and time again. You can stream the full release below, which includes an exclusive bonus track, ‘Collide (Acoustic)’ that will only be available on Bandcamp.

A unique listening experience that will stay with you, ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’ is an album of progression and reinvention, pushing forward with bold tones to create a moving portrait of who Dani is as an artist. Available now, it’s an essential new release.

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