Feverjaw - 'When You Know'

The South-Wales based rock trio Feverjaw return with their first release of 2023, ‘When You Know’. Heralding a new era for the band, the track is punchy and direct while maintaining Feverjaw’s trademark sense of melody.

Written in 2022 between a run of live shows, ‘When You Know’ is uplifting and anthemic and is a track perfect for a festival crowd. Taken from Feverjaw’s forthcoming new EP ‘Intention Of Malice’, this lead single really sets out the band’s intentions for 2023.

Frontman Dale Hawkins said of the new cut, “The track is about seizing the day and grabbing the moment. I wanted a track that raised spirits.” The song was recorded in their home studio. Hawkins continued “‘Let’s Just Leave It’ was recorded in our home studio setup; we have taken this recording method for a batch of songs and we have found the process to be seamless, easy and pleasing with its results.”

With a sound routed in Alternative Rock but using broad strokes of colour to fill their music Feverjaw are the latest guitar driven band to arrive in the vibrant South Wales scene. Following on from their debut album 'All Bets Are Off' released on SWND Records and featuring the critically acclaimed singles 'Brightburn' and 'Trauma and Grace'.

Along with the release of the new single, Feverjaw have also announced their five-track EP 'Intention of Malice', that will be release on the 24th of March this year. The new EP will feature 'When You Know', along with previous single 'Jurassic' and three original tracks not heard before. You can pre-order the EP now from their official Bandcamp page.

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