Lander109 – ‘Slipslider’

A talented multi-instrumentalist and self-declared renaissance man, Raj Sharma, better known by his musical moniker of Lander109 first arrived on the scene with the release of his critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Patrol’, a unique fusion of psychedelic guitars and tight funky beats that is still setting fire to the airwaves. Reminiscent of ‘90s British guitar bands, ‘Patrol’ introduced the world to an expansive creative style, one filled with swirling Hammond organ and spacey instrumental soundscapes. Today though, Raj is back in the spotlight and continuing to impress, armed with a cataclysmic new single that we’re incredibly proud to premiere.

A fiercely original, and yet wonderfully timeless release, ‘Slipslider’ is a stellar continuation of that undeniable ‘Lander109 sound’, delivering his most engaging and complex soundscape to date. Cut from the golden age of psychedelic-indie and gritty, shoegaze ambience, ‘Slipslider’ is sharp, edgy, and absolutely brilliant. Layering spacious, progressive guitar chords with waves of thundering drums and reverb-soaked moments, Raj pulls no punches, delving deep into the heart of modern psychedelia and conjuring up a massive musical number.

At exactly 3:33 minutes long, it's clear that everything about ‘Slipslider’ has been carefully calculated, composed, and constructed, ensuring that every moment is sold gold and utterly unforgettable. Easily his most impressive and engrossing release to date, there is an undeniable sense of magic surrounding Raj’s new single, and the best part is that it’s just the beginning.

Available now on all major platforms, such as Spotify below, ‘Slipslider’ is arguably one of this year’s most dynamic and impressive instrumental pieces of the year so far.

A single that has all the hallmarks of an instrumental classic, ‘Slipslider’ is one of the most impressive independent releases you’ll hear all year. Proving he’s an artist that’s not to be overlooked or taken lightly, ‘Slipslider’ is available now.

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