Ontario's The Trampoline Delay Bounce Back with Anti-Breakup Anthem 'The Right Stuff'

Indie rockers The Trampoline Delay have released the second single from their upcoming sophomore album, 'Tandem Bike'. Titled 'The Right Stuff', the news single arrives as a summer anthem, a stark contrast to the band's earlier melancholic track, 'Excuses Excuses'.

Formed in Milton, Ontario, and fronted by the multi-talented Pete Marino, The Trampoline Delay have already garnered international acclaim for their catchy, guitar-driven sound. 'Tandem Bike' will be released over the next year, one song at a time, showcasing Marino's exceptional songwriting versatility.

Marino describes 'The Right Stuff' as a deep dive into the complexities of love and loss, saying, "'The Right Stuff' dives into the complex theme of love and loss amidst the turbulent journey of life...Sometimes, we find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between making the right decision and succumbing to impulsive choices with lasting repercussions."

The song explores the aftermath of regretful decisions, the longing for redemption, and the scars left by impulsive actions. It captures the emotional turmoil and consequences of succumbing to fleeting desires. Interestingly, the song's chorus was written a decade ago, but Marino struggled to find a fitting verse until recently. He explained, "I actually wrote the chorus to this song around 10 years ago...I penned the verse and recorded the song in a matter of hours, avoiding the idea of revisions or overthinking."

This spontaneous approach lends a raw and authentic feel to 'The Right Stuff', making it a cathartic experience for both the artist and the listener. With its infectious intro and hooky chorus, "The Right Stuff" is poised to become an anti-breakup anthem. The Trampoline Delay continues to prove their knack for creating catchy, relatable music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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