Parmy Dhillon – ‘Red’

A rising talent among Melbourne’s independent folk scene, Parmy Dhillon is a singer-songwriter like few others. With an honest, textured sound that comes straight from the heart, Parmy’s music is an emotive mix of acoustic sentiment and powerful emotion, creating a bold, heartfelt sound that shines through adversity and welcomes all. Whether he’s performing as a solo artist wielding his favourite acoustic guitar or stepping out as the frontman of his band, The New Science, Parmy has always found a way to deliver, but with his new single ‘Red’, he’s built a style that is impossible to deny.

After taking twelve months away from the music industry, ‘Red’ arrives as a welcome return to form for Parmy, rewarding his loyal fans with a single that hits as his best yet. Built on a timeless folk sound that wanders into the lost world of textured Americana, ‘Red’ sees Parmy finding his feet and creating magic, dolling out acoustic brilliance and homegrown charm with ease. Musically, it’s a song that wins you over with its heart and authenticity, cutting a sharp line in the same vein as Country Crows or Neil Young, while also showcasing some of that fierce Parmy originality.

With honest vocals, organic instrumentation, and stripped-back production that lets the song breathe, everything about ‘Red’ is built to stir emotions and create memories. Idiosyncratic, textured, and perfect because of its flaws and rough edges, ‘Red’ is a powerful illustration of Parmy’s talents.

You can stream the new single below via Spotify, or head to our annual Spotify playlist where you can find ‘Red’ streaming alongside an ever-evolving roster of the best artists that 2021 has to offer.

A welcome return for all of Parmy’s loyal fans, along with an impressive introduction for his new listeners, ‘Red’ is exactly the kind of independent anthem that we love to hear. Tune in today and make sure you follow Parmy on his social media pages for more.

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