Singer, songwriter and producer PLVTINUM is back in the spotlight with the release of his raucous new single, 'DIE4MYBITCH'.

A hypnotic introduction to PLVTINUM's upcoming EP, slated to release later this year, 'DIE4MYBITCH' perfectly pairs cinematic production with sinister yet self-aware lyrics. In the new track, PLVTINUM boldly explores his internal struggle with possessiveness and destructive relationships, offering a raw glimpse into an all too common struggle.

He elaborated, “On one hand, my instinct to engage in possessive behavior can be destructive to my relationships, on the other, it can lead to elevated passion and loyalty. This song acts as a device for cathartic expression - instead of attempting to rationalize my more unsavory attributes, I lean into them.”

Somewhere between a suburban misfit and a loudmouthed twenty-something, PLVTINUM isn't your typical squeaky clean pop star. Blending the sonic textures of EDM, pop-punk attitude, and catchy pop-R&B, the New York-based artist unapologetically explores the darker sides of the human experience. With lyrics that touch on toxic relationships, sex, nihilism, ego and party culture, PLVTINUM has captured the attention of the post-teen crowd and emerged as a defining voice in the alt-pop space.

PLVTINUM first broke out with his 2016 viral hit, 'Champagne & Sunshine', but his ever-growing catalog and fanbase of over 2.3 million Spotify monthly listeners, 86,000 Instagram followers, and one billion cumulative streams, has proved that he’s much more than a one-hit-wonder.

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