Scott the Pisces Delivers a Summer Anthem with a Twist, Exploring Unrequited Love on 'Delusional'

British pop sensation Scott the Pisces continues his meteoric rise with his latest single, ‘Delusional’. The track, featuring the enchanting vocals of Mimi Sky, takes listeners on a journey through unrequited love, told from an unexpected perspective.

Since his debut in 2021, Scott has carved a unique niche in the pop landscape with his signature “nostalgic pop” sound. In true form, ‘Delusional’ is no exception, evoking a longing for a simpler time while tackling a complex emotional landscape. Mimi Sky's vocals add a playful yet bratty layer to the song, embodying the uninterested party in this one-sided love affair.

Scott, the mastermind behind the glossy production, songwriting, and promotional material on ‘Delusional’, drew inspiration from personal experience. As he explained, the song dives into the experience of unreciprocated affection, a theme Scott knows well. Exploring the struggle of falling in love with someone who isn’t receptive, Scott transforms a negative experience into a vibrant creative outlet.

While an impressive release in its own right, ‘Delusional’ also holds a personal place in Scott’s life, as he explained on his Instagram page, “In other news, the last few months have been quite a tough time for me mentally. I’ve experienced loss from multiple angles, including that of a close friend. During this time, it’s been difficult for me to make the typical music I’m known for, so when the idea for “Delusional” came about, it acted as an escape from reality for a while.”

With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, ‘Delusional’ is poised to be the anthem of the summer, setting a new standard, and once again proving that Scott can turn life's challenges into chart-topping hits.

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