The Antenna Tribe – ‘The Sound Of A Spinning Planet’

One of our favourite projects in the world of meditative moods and evolving, electronic soundscapes, The Antenna Tribe has quietly become one of the most diverse and intriguing acts that Los Angeles has to offer. Constantly pushing boundaries, and always ready to enchant an audience, the project has returned after a short break, delivering their new single ‘The Sound Of A Spinning Planet’.

Beginning as a collaborative project helmed by Los Angeles-based musician and producer Sean Whalen, The Antenna Tribe first took form in 2021 with Sean began working closely with a handful of talented singers and songwriters. Since then, the project has produced some of the finest and luscious soundscapes that we’ve ever heard.

Their latest single, the cosmical-tinged ‘The Sounds Of A Spinning Planet’ arrives as no exception, offering a classically evocative soundscape that is scoured with meditative sways, gorgeous instrumental layering, and polished, yet impactful production. As with a long of their releases, the new single sees Silke returning to provide vocals, delivering another powerful performance that helps bring light and vibrancy to the silky electronic sounds.

Built alongside some impressive samples from, the track is a tempered, sci-fi release that cleverly combines a strong electronic backing with moments of fragility, slowly taking shape and continuously drawing you in. It’s a single that reveals itself in waves, offering subtle changes that rise and fall with your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

A welcome return from The Antenna Tribe, the new single reminds us of just how underrated the project and Silke really are. You can stream the single below via Spotify, and make sure you check out all their previous singles and EPs for more digital delicacies.

‘The Sound Of A Spinning Planet’ is the first in a series of new releases from The Antenna Tribe, with plans in the works to release a string of new singles alongside two full-length albums by year’s end. Set to commemorate their various releases with singers and songwriters Silke and Okafuwa, the albums will show the many sides of The Antenna Tribe in perfect form.

The new single is available now and will be part of their forthcoming EP ‘Crashing Cars’, set for release later this year. For more, be sure to check out The Antenna Tribe’s website and social media pages below.

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