Ultra_eko – ‘Win Big’

Whenever we don’t hear from Ultra_eko for a while, we know something big is coming. Throughout his four-year career, the inventive rapper and cofounder of Underside Entertainment has never been one to sit idle or rest on his laurels, so when he slipped away last year, we knew there had to be something in the works. Today, Ultra_eko has shared a massive new single, alongside news of his upcoming new record, ‘Light Work’.

On our last encounter with Ultra_eko, he was championing the release of his massive two-part release, ‘On Trial’, a powerful collection of shifting hip-hop soundscapes and visceral, emotive elements. It was a double album that well and truly put Ultra_eko on the map, spawning some of his biggest hits to date, and cementing him as an undeniable force within the UK’s hip-hop scene. Now, the saga continues, with the future-world rapper filling us in on what happened following the events of that epic story.

Titled ‘Win Big’, and boasting production by Bufera Beats, the new single is Ultra_eko on top form, delivering three minutes of new-age grime that is sure to impress. Opening with a simple refrain of harrowing, industrial tones, Ultra_eko sets the tone perfectly, hitting his mark with the eternal lines, “People used to love to see me lose, now that hate to see me win big. Used to have a lot of demons I’ve had to make friends with.” From there, it’s a fierce and brilliantly paced onslaught, with Ultra_eko breaking barriers and imposing his sound upon the world.

Through colliding beats and pulsating rhythms, ‘Win Big’ delivers a story of triumph and retribution, blending Ultra_eko’s artistic temperament with his unique style and plenty of action. Arguably his most effective single to date, ‘Win Big’ has set the standard for his next album in perfect form.

Alongside the single, Ultra_eko also gave us a glimpse into his new record, ‘Light Work’, which is set for release on the 1st of May this year. Speaking candidly about the album’, Ultra_eko explained that he mysteriously disappeared into a homemade wormhole, entering a localised tear in the space-time continuum that occurred in the back of his Uncle Bish’s Transit van, following one too many plant-based shamanic journeys. Stuck within the tear, he contemplated and created, piecing together new tracks and looking for his way home. While the multi-genre South London artist has since found his way, bringing with him the new album, some questions still remain, in particular of his authenticity.

A distant relative has claimed that the returning Ultra_eko is a variant from a parallel universe, a fact patently obvious from the different underarm deodorant this version prefers. Nevertheless, he appears to be a close enough approximation for his Face ID to work on his iPhone, and he has brought back with him his trusted companion, the AI, Subsequel, who has remixed some of his more recent tracks.

You can stream the new single above, and make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for the album’s full release on the 1st of May this year.

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