Vivien Aisi – ‘Take Me There’

Born in Papua New Guinea, but now calling Cairns, Australia home, Vivien Aisi has risen to become one of the coastal city’s most promising soul singers. With a career spent supporting various bands and recording artists, along with her own successful solo work, Vivien has become a true and undeniable figure within Australia’s music industry. Today, she’s shared her latest emotive single, the gorgeous ‘Take Me There’.

Motivated by her own journey as well as the stories of others, Vivien writes about life experiences touching on raw emotions and expressions, creating an experience she likes to refer to as, ‘music for the soul’. In 2020, Vivien released her debut EP, the poetic and soulfully smooth five-track collection ‘Lost in Time’, delivering a shining, stylish R&B sound that she artfully wove into her vulnerable, soul style, creating a rare release that was wonderfully personal and expressive, but also universally appealing. It’s a sound that quickly become a hallmark for Vivien, and in her new single, she’s followed it up perfectly.

Titled ‘Take Me There’, the new single embodies her sultry, soulful style in perfect form, delivering a stunning ode to her love of music and where she hopes it will take her. The track features band members Jochem van der Reijden on guitar, Warwick Pardey on keyboard, Andrew Matheson on bass, Eamonn Sheehan on drums, and multi-instrumentalist Matt Gerdes adds melodic fills with his saxophone. Recorded and mixed by Damien Codotto at Purple Sound Studio in Cairns, the single was then mastered in Melbourne by Nicholas Di Lorenzo.

Speaking openly about the single, Vivien explained, “’Take Me There’ is written about my love for music and where I want it to take me. All my hopes and aspirations, in line with my relationship with music, have been a rollercoaster where I have struggled to fit into the industry, juggle a healthy balance of work, family, and at the same time stay true to who I am as a performer/singer/songwriter. I enjoy a variety of genres and don’t really write to suit a particular style. I allow creativity to take me there and produce what is authentic to me at the moment. It was a good break from all the heavy emotional stuff I generally express through my songwriting.”

With over ten years of experience performing at various venues, bands and ensembles, Vivien has graced the stages from The Tanks Art Centre to kick start Grassroots Series 2021 to Cairns Eco Fiesta, and in 2022 Vivien was selected as Regional Delegate for the Australian Woman in Music Awards & Conference. Vivien’s aim is to take her music from the far north and showcase her versatility as a singer, songwriter and a performer on stages and venues throughout Australia.

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