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An Interview with Carolee Rainey

by admin August 26, 2020

An Interview with Carolee Rainey

An artist who first found her feet in painting and photography, it wasn’t until a few years ago that Carolee Rainey first took to music. A natural evolution that rose from the solitude of being a painter and the exploration of that time period offered an expressionistic perspective to songwriting, Carolee hit the ground running and has never looked back.

Encouraged and inspired by a life-affirming Rickie Lee Jones concert, Carolee’s music has now become a central part of her life, offering a focused passion that has burned brightly ever since that first spark. It was a journey that led to my debut EP 'Feel Fearless!' and subsequently the 'Hustle Up' album, two acclaimed releases that set the standard for Carolee’s sound.

An incredible talent, we considered ourselves lucky enough to sit down with Carolee and talk about where it all began, and importantly, what’s still to come.

When did you discover your love for songwriting and performing?

“When I was maybe four years old, I have memories of riding around on my little tricycle wondering how all that great music and singing that I was always listening to on my parents’ records could fit into something so small on that machine. I wanted to be inside that record exactly like the singer I was listening to so I was determined to steal some fairy dust from Peter Pan so I too could fit into a little record and be the music.”

Who would you say you accredit your style most to?

“Honestly, I don’t even know anymore because it means so much to forge my own sound and not sound like anyone. I’m sure that’s not even possible with all the amazing music out there but its seriously one of my secret dreams.”

You’ve proven time and time again that you’re a very multi-faceted artist, what are you best at in your opinion?

“What am I best at? Such an interesting question because I actually don’t know you know? Depends on the hour and the mood. But if I had to pick something, I would just tell you that so much has happened to me in the last three years (good and bad) that I’m truly reaching out to my fans as though they were my confidants. I want to talk to them through my stories and experiences and I’m praying that I can reach inside their minds about how I’m dealing with life and just calm them down if they’re possibly having issues dealing with, they’re life.”

What has been, or is, your greatest challenge so far?

“My greatest challenge is probably my confidence. Some days I feel like I’m doing my best and all is good with my world. And just as quickly, there are other days when I’m feeling derailed and flying into the sky not knowing where I’m going to land. It’s all a crapshoot.”

Can you tell us a little about your concept for the next project?

“Haha! This question certainly feeds off my last answer. The concept of my next album themes around several layers and aspects inside the mental health sector. I highly suggest a flavourful scotch while taking your first listen. It’s not depressing at all, but it’s my perspective on how I do ‘real’.”

What are your plans for the future? More music, or something more?

“My future plans are to do exactly what I’m doing now but on a much larger international audience through more songwriting, recordings and touring! I can’t wait!”

What suggestions do you have for artists like yourself?

“I think artists everywhere should unequivocally embrace likeminded souls no matter where each one is at on their creative journey. There would be no judgement about what’s going on or not going on. Artists live on a very special planet unlike any other and we need to support each other!”

Currently championing the release of her new single 'Sacrifice', taken from her debut album 'Hustle Up', Carolee’s sound is fierce, vibrant, and wonderfully refreshing. A song about going back to a carefree time in life when you might run into that memorable, intriguing someone, it’s an impressive introduction to a brilliant new talent.

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