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An Interview with Saint Mars

by admin August 26, 2020

An Interview with Saint Mars

A trio of talented musicians, Saint Mars is the combined musical project of Tryzdin, M.D., and Angelo Bruschini, three artists set on pushing the boundaries of their sound. Described in the press as "perhaps the greatest up and coming alternative rock band to come out of the U.K. for some time", Saint Mars have been building their fanbase and earning praise at every turn. Now, with the release of new single ‘Loveghost’, and with a new concept album on the way, we thought it the perfect time to sit down with the band and get to know them better.

How did you first start making music? Where did it all begin?

M.D.: I’ve started making music at the end of my teenage hood, when I got my first synthesizer. But it was a hard process at that time : digital technology were still in its infancy and if you really wanted to have a convincing sound, you needed a professional studio, a clear vision of what you wanted and more importantly, a substantial amount of money ! I really took it seriously years later, when I was involved in a New York based metal band called Masterlast, signed by a Swedish record label (Escapi). That was around 2005. At that time, technology had evolved so much that it was possible to record convincing tracks at home, within a computer. That was a true revolution, but at the same time it seems that everybody now uses the same tools and tends to sound the same. Something has been lost in the process. We would like to avoid those pitfalls as much as possible.

Tryzdin: I first started making music when I was in about 4th grade. I would post covers on YouTube of me singing songs by various artists. But I first started making music professionally when I was in 6th grade and started working with Saint Mars and M.D.

How would you guys describe your sound to newcomers?

M.D.: Our album is going to be a modern take on New Wave. Call it "New Wave Revival" - our sound has definitely a retro flavour coming from the 80’s. We want to make it sound epic! We have been compared in the press to a lot of different artists, including Panic at the Disco, MGMT, Mew, Slowdive, and even Massive Attack, which is quite obvious since we work with their guitarist (Angelo Bruschini)! I am also a baroque music and ancient vocal music lover and several of our songs will have a strong baroque flavour, specially ‘Boys Never Cry’. Hence the reference to Panic at the Disco, which is my opinion the most baroque band of the modern era!

I would also say that Tryzdin’s voice has a lot of impact on our sound since most of our songs are now built around him. He’s got such a special and powerful voice, despite his young age. People are amazed when they realize he’s only fourteen! He is already in a league of his own. I'm convinced he might become one of the great singers of the next decades.

What influences would you say best define your music?

Tryzdin: I am influenced by many artists in the music industry today but my top three artists who inspire/influence my music are Billie Eilish, Panic at the Disco, and Jon Bellion.

M.D.: Like Tryzdin, so many artists… The Beach Boys, The Cure, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Massive Attack, The Weeknd. I am more and more influenced by Hip Hop nowadays…artists like J. Cole, XXXTentacion…hence the involvement of Jethro ‘Alonestar’ Sheeran, who is going to be our special guest on several tracks of the album.

You’ve got a new single out and a new album on the way. Can you tell us a bit about them?

M.D.: Our new single, ‘Loveghost’ is our first collaboration with Jethro. It’s the first time we have a rap on one of our songs. The video was shot in Switzerland by Bristol resident Javier Martinez and Ismael Morante (Walkmanstudio), in some strange places that tourists never visit! Specially an old electric factory of the 1930’s. Both single and video do really well, almost 100,000 views now on YouTube in less than a month!

What is your song writing process? How did it all come together?

M.D.: I’m a keyboard player, so most of the time I start by playing a couple of chords and singing along with them. But very often I start writing songs with melodies spontaneously coming out of my head, for no particular reasons. It can happen during my sleep, on the verge of awakening. As a matter of fact, I dream about new songs but lost quite a few since I don’t necessarily remember the melody upon waking up! Usually words come later; I’m more interested in how the words sound than their actual meaning in the early stage of song writing. So, I’m using a language of my own with no real meaning, the sound of the words has to flow with the other elements; and it’s mostly half of the work done when writing lyrics.

What’s the most important thing for you personally when you’re writing a song?

Jethro: Usually pain. I write more when I’m down and feeling melancholic. Mix that with some Jack Daniels and it’s like therapy for me, music pours out of me.

M.D.: I second what Jethro says - sadness, melancholic states…that’s the beauty of music, turning them into something meaningful and beautiful…a modern take on the old art of alchemy.

So, what’s next?

Tryzdin: At the moment Saint Mars and I are working on a fantastic album that has songs that will make people wanna get on your feet and boogie down. In my opinion the album is going to be a hit and I can’t wait for the release. We are also working on a solo EP for myself.

M.D.: As Tryzdin says, we are currently finishing our first album, with the help of London Producer Aubrey Whitfield, one of the few female music producers of the recording industry! She’s got that special touch that takes our tracks to the next level. Hard work but very gratifying. The album is cantered around the true story of a French young boy victim of bullying. This is very important component of our message, since Tryzdin has also been the victim of intense bullying.... something that I discovered only after I chose him…strange coincidence but it makes our approach even more meaningful. And the personal involvement of Jethro Sheeran in the project is also rewarding. Jethro is a wonderful person and a great artist. He’s had quite a success recently by producing a Billboard No. 1 album and his ‘Cornerstone’ album is utterly good and worth a listen - it doesn’t try to mimic blockbuster US rappers and has his own sound. Totally in line with our own philosophy.

You’re all very different artists, what would you dream collaborations be?

Tryzdin: My dream collaboration would be a song with me and Billie Eilish, I have always loved her vibe and the way she creates music. She has such an angelic tone and I am very inspired by her work.

Jethro: My dream collaboration would be with Bob Marley. I think we would make a magical song. Sia would be a dream collab too.

M.D.: Definitely the Brian Wilson of 1966. Or Trent Reznor. Or MGMT, I love them!

What advice would you give to band’s who are looking to make it big?

M.D.: I would say follow your instinct but work smart. Don’t try to imitate anybody, you will only be noticed if you stay yourself. Also, invest in promotion, there’s no point making music and then having no plans to market it. I’ve seen so many bands investing everything in the album making and barely nothing in the promotion. They would spend thousands to release good videos but do nothing when they’re released on YouTube. Ideally at least half of the resources should be invested in the marketing. About 25,000 songs are released everyday... It’s obvious you won’t get noticed just by posting a song randomly on the internet.

What has been your best moment as a musician/band so far?

Tryzdin: The best moment for me as a musician would have to be meeting M.D. I have loved working with him, and he is such an inspiring soul and is very down to earth. When we first started working together, I knew right then and there that I wanted to continue making music with him. He is very committed to what he does, and I believe that is why we work well together. I have no idea where I would be without him and I’m just so happy that me and him are working together. Also, just a heads up, the album is going to be great!

M.D.: The best moments so far were the two videos we shot in Switzerland last year, for ‘Loveghost’ and our forthcoming single ‘The Pacific State’. I was so happy to have Tryzdin, his family, Jethro and Walkmanstudio coming for that event! We were able to film in incredible places, such as the ice mountain of Moiry, in the Swiss Alps, the medieval castle of Tourbillon, and the Underground Lake of St-Leonard. According to some sources, those places influenced Tolkien in the writing of The Hobbit and The Lords of the Ring…The atmosphere was magic, and I think you can feel it in the videos!

Available on all major streaming sites, ‘Loveghost’ is currently making its mark on global airwaves. Arriving alongside its official music video, the new single marks a huge highlight in the band’s blossoming careers so far, showing exactly why they’re being earmarked as being one of the most exciting new bands in the game.

You can grab your own copy of the single on iTunes now, and be sure to follow the band on their various social media sites below so you never miss a release or show.

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