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Artist Profile: Beau Nelson

by admin August 26, 2020

Artist Profile: Beau Nelson

A talented emerging artist who has spent the last five years creating and refining his sound, Beau Nelson has developed a unique ability to seamlessly combine authentic, wonderfully organic instrumentation with blossoming electronics elements. A hybrid sound that capitalises on the strengths of both styles, his work is tactile, textured, and carefully cultivated.

After recently moving into the Atlanta, Georgia area, Beau has found himself continuously inspired, carrying forward his musical passions into a bold new era. Both a solo artist and one half of the chillwave collective, Exoteric, Beau has proven himself to be a versatile and determined artist, crafting his work from profound human moments and periods of intricate self-reflection.

A melancholy example of his visceral lo-fi sound, ‘Fall’ is one of Beau’s most recent releases, and also one of his most impressive. A haunting, ambient track that is built around a subtle, linger acoustic refrain, the track is an emotive ode to one of Beau’s friends who tragically passed away.

Release alongside the epitaph, “This song is dedicated to a friend who recently passed away. Out of everyone in Georgia, you made me feel the most welcome Garrett. Thank you. See you on the other side. Rest in peace.”, ‘Fall’ is a touching and deeply moving song that perfectly encapsulates Beau’s sound.

A definitive talent to watch, both as a solo artist and as part of Exoteric, Beau Nelson might just be your new musical obsession.

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