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Ete Ahping – ‘You Don't Fit In But You Belong’

by admin August 26, 2020

Ete Ahping – ‘You Don't Fit In But You Belong’

An artist with an authentic and wonderfully diverse approach to creating music, Ete Ahping’s creative output comes from blurring the lines between an ever-evolving range of styles and genres. While folk and modern indie might lie at the very heart of his sound, it’s the human touches that really make his songs stand out from the crowd. Composing and creating songs that aim to help people with the everyday struggles and hardships in life, Ete’s ability to instil human emotion into the most subtle of melodies has become a central and unyielding element of his musical charm, something that he has cultivated over his decades of experience.

Often compared to artist such as Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and The National, Ete has constantly expanded and refined his sound, culminating so far in the release of his most recent album, “You Don’t Fit In But You Belong’. Born from hardship, the album contains ten original song of diverse, sonic movements and beautifully crafted melodies that Ete brings to light with a seamless and enduring quality.

The first part of an epic saga, ‘You Don’t Fit In But You Belong’ brings together the first look at an enduring, thirty-plus song release that Ete is promising. Written and recorded in about seven months, the album is Ete’s first album that he was able to track entirely by himself. A medley of atmospheric, textures and honest, blossoming melodies, the album open onto a stream of acoustic guitars and solemn vocals that build into a raw, earnest crescendo. Title ‘For the First Time In a Long Time’, the opening track is a simple, but moving taste of what the album has instore, leaning on textures and sounds that tug gently at the heartstrings and force a wonderfully human connection.

Elsewhere on the album, tracks like ‘Young Child’ and ‘Get Through This’ stand out as beautifully textured epics, conjuring up bittersweet memories and capturing the essence of the album in two glistening sequences of sound. Emotionally vulnerable and unyielding in his drive to create music with a real and honest strength, you can find that the most subtle of tones within Ete’s songs can have a profound effect and carry the song to a place of true clarity.

Far from an isolated work, ‘You Don’t Fit In But You Belong’ brings together a unique roster of guests who all play their part in creating the opening part of Ete’s vision. By bringing Gussie, J-Schultz, C-Lee, and Sue into the fold on ‘You Put Your Arms Around Me’ and ‘Ghosts’, the album expands from a single understanding of hurt, pain, and hardship, into a diverse and more universally accessible reflection of the world. Alone, Ete’s work sparks with a distinct charm and a deft acoustic touch that is remarkable in so many ways, but with his guests pushing him forward, the songs are elevated and most distinct, capturing the spotlight and lingering well after they’ve faded.

A wonderful release in both spirit and sound, ‘You Don’t Fit In But You Belong’ is a powerful introduction to Ete as a musician and artist, and Its ability to forge a connection with its audience makes it an essential experience. The album is available now on Spotify above, or through Ete’s official Bandcamp page.

Score: 8.5/10

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