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Listen: Amy Guess – ‘Save Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Amy Guess – ‘Save Me’

A dynamic talent from Las Vegas by way of Calgary, Canada, Amy Guess has been making dark, cathartic pop music for some time now, building her repertoire and shaping her sound with unparalleled talent. A ‘new age popstar’ of sorts, Amy has forged her own band of modern pop music, bringing to the fore a rough, emotive edge that reflects authentic emotion and breaks away from the sugary-sweet pop that currently colours the mainstream.

Built around her powerful, wonderfully textured vocals, her sound is real, passionate, and powerful, and with her new single ‘Save Me’, she’s created the perfect showcase of her talents. A lighter, Summer anthem about taking chances’, the new single follows on from her fiercely independent previous singles, echoing their tone and message with new sparks of life.

Emerging from a cascade of electronic tones and constant building back-beat, Amy’s vocals soar, elevating the song and bringing it firmly into the realms of a global hit. The choruses burst into life with power and precision, vying for stadium-sized anthemics and demanding to be heard, while the darker production adds a palpable sense of drama and intrigue that you’ll struggle to shake off long after the track has faded away.

Available now on Spotify and other major streaming platforms, ‘Save Me’ is a single that will undoubtedly take Amy’s career to the next level. Stream it above.

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