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Listen: Clelia Sheppard – ‘Me Without You’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Clelia Sheppard – ‘Me Without You’

An emerging artist from Cape Charles, Virginia, Clelia Sheppard has always had a passion for singing. It was until last year however that she first began recording her own, original music, bringing together carefully composed sounds with her penchant for freestyling heartfelt lyrics.

Originally starting her singing career covering songs from The Lion King, Clelia’s passion for music is matched by her want to capture true human emotions in each of her songs, taking snippets from her heart and sharing them directly with her audience.

A stunning example of her sound, ‘Me Without You’ is an instantly relatable and wonderfully meaningful song that has taken Spotify by storm. Ringing with a vulnerability that comes from years of perfecting her songwriting, ‘Me Without You’ is a beautiful track about self-identity and moving on with the past.

Following simple, but well-orchestrated instrumentation and an acoustic guitar that heightens the emotional nature of the song, it’s so easy to see Clelia’s talents in the single. Accompanied by her delicate, transcending vocals that bring a melancholic tone to each song she writes, it’s clear that Clelia is a talent to watch.

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