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Listen: Daemon – ‘Goldtape’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Daemon – ‘Goldtape’

Whether he’s preaching underrated anthems for the underrepresented, calling out douche-bags (himself especially), or getting sweet on Elizabeth Olsen, Daemon pours his heart into every beat. A contemporary rapper, writer, and producer, Daemon is quickly becoming a leading Instagram influencer and an artist who lives a wonderfully authentic life.

His lyrics are tongue in cheek, clever and nuanced. They flow from him as easily as blood in a tragedy, as he cuts up politics and pop-culture and serves it, unflinching. Whether his voice is natural, warm and peppy, or tinted with autotune, Daemon's music has been described as “immediately approachable”.

Building on the success of his recent mixtape, Daemon draws his listeners into a world where every detail counts and deft narratives emerge from a maelstrom of creative sounds.

An accomplished musician and avid Instagram user, Daemon is an artist that demands to be followed. Be sure to check him out.

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