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Listen: DEKALOG with Fien Desmet + Amazumi – ‘Een’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: DEKALOG with Fien Desmet + Amazumi – ‘Een’

Comprised of producer Sonny Dhanowa and songwriter Dan Roberts, DEKALOG have managed to forge a signature sound that runs through the very heart of their music. A sound built on creativity, craft, and dynamism. Their goal is to create ten albums, each with ten tracks, in ten years, an ambitious project that has a scale and scope most musicians could only dream of.

The first bold step in their goal came with ‘Een’, a debut album that brought with it the talents of singer Fien Desmet and rapper Amazumi. Becoming a patchwork quartet, the four artists built a hybrid spinoff of alt-pop, hip-hop, and trip-hop. The music of ‘Een’ puts a dark spin on the pop genre, exploring the full spectrum of raw emotion.

Their musical style and lyrical content juxtaposes the visceral aura that the sound articulates and makes a connection with every listener in ways that they can and can’t identify with. It’s an edge-of your seat listening experience for all those who want to delve into what lies beneath.

Essentially, ‘Een’ is an album of collaboration and innovation, and the end result is a musical journey that explores deep and dark emotions, with just a tinge of dystopia. Orchestral, but not bombastic, eclectic without ever losing focus, DEKALOG is the soundtrack for these mad, disjointed and intense times we live in.

‘Een’, is the first instalment of the duo’s ten-part project that will be released through band member Sonny Dhanowa’s own label, Blue Ghost Records. You can stream and purchase ‘Een’ from Blue Ghost Records’ official Bandcamp page now.

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