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Listen: Devon Braxton – ‘In Between EP’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Devon Braxton – ‘In Between EP’

An artist with a unique approach to music, Devon Braxton is an artist who looks to the past to find the beats of the future. Born and raised in New Jersey, Braxton takes his inspiration from the various musical greats, taking the lead from Prince and Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder and a whole ensemble of legends. The result, a diverse and eclectic style that refreshingly defies categories and pushes the boundaries of what contemporary hip-hop really is.

Ever since he was a child, Devon had been blessed with a talent for music, and growing up, he set out to constantly refine his songwriting and performing skills, bringing his music to the next level. The first time he performed was at school in front of a thousand people. It was a brand new experience, one that terrified and inspired him in equal measure, and more importantly, one that lit the fire for an explosive career to come.

Several years later and Braxton is celebrating his latest release, the three-track mini-epic of ‘In Between’. An EP that perfectly represents his sound, ‘In Between’ is a bold, authentic step forward for him both musically and sonically. Stream it below via Spotify.

Best described as a “concoction of explosive song-writing, insightful lyricism and hooks that won’t get out of your head so easily”, Braxton’s work is truly something to behold. ​ Connect with Devon Braxton,