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Listen: Eightknots – ‘Sunshine’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Eightknots – ‘Sunshine’

A band who introduced themselves to us with a single phrase, Eightknots are a band who express themselves wholly through their music. Their message is simple, clear, and laudable; “We want to stay anonymous. We make music”.

A band who first broke into the music world a few months ago with the release of debut single, ‘Mean’, Eightknots are currently celebrating their next brave steps into the spotlight. Arriving in the form of new single, ‘Sunshine’, it’s the band’s latest exploration of modern, alt. country, a genre that they are slowly buy surely making their own.

Available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, and on Spotify above, ‘Sunshine’ is the sound of a band growing in confidence. It’s wonderfully evocative, and it’s a broadening of both their scale and scope, infusing the sound that they forged on their debut single with a deft touch of traditional rock.

While we might not know their names or faces, it’s easy to know Eightknots by their sound, and if they can continue to produce songs to the calibre of ‘Sunshine’, then they might well become the most well-known, anonymous band around.

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