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Listen: Eivind Husebø – ‘Heart Beats Fast’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Eivind Husebø – ‘Heart Beats Fast’

One of Norway’s leading electro-pop talents, Eivind Husebø has been blessed with the unique talent of making music that is unlike anything or anyone else. Incorporating distinct elements of many different musical influences into his music, the end result is very own distinct genre that is caught in the crossroads of almost every known sound. Casting his gaze over the multi-faceted genres of rock, EMD, pop, Husebø’s music is always presented with a twist, and on his new single ‘Heart Beats Fast’ is no exception.

Coloured with distinct shades of the 80’s, ‘Heart Beats Fast’ draws on the sounds of Depeche Mode, New Order or The Human League, to create a whirlwind of romantic electro-pop. Driven by a dynamic chorus and a stream of masterful lyrics that strive to convey the feelings of a man falling in love and surrounded by nature. It’s a song that speaks directly to both your heart and head, pushing Husebø’s creativity and emotive connections to the very brink.

From the resonant vocals to the pulsing instrumentation, every part of ‘Heart Beats Fast’ is built to excite and entice, showcasing Husebø’s talents and promise as an unsigned singer-songwriter and guitarist. Stream it above via Spotify.

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