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Listen: Eli Kirk – ‘Step Inside EP’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Eli Kirk – ‘Step Inside EP’

A DIY rocker based in Nashville, Tennessee, Eli Kirk first began to cut his musical chops at open mic nights through the city. From small venues to big stages, Eli has refined his sound through constant and unwavering commitment to his music, taking his influences and mixing them with his own unique vision.

An avid fan of Mumford and Sons, Real Friends, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and more, Eli’s love of music runs deep, and his songs are always built around honest emotions and heartfelt meanings. A self-released effort, ‘Step Inside’ is Eli’s latest EP, a six-track collection of original records that are all of his own style and vision.

Written and recorded entirely by himself, ‘Step Inside’ ranges from emo-infused rock to vibrant indie, and patchwork folk, it’s a comprehensive platform from which Eli can build a lasting career. Stream it below via Eli’s official Bandcamp page.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Step Inside’ is a release that is not to be missed.

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