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Listen: FluxDaddy – ‘Subtlety Speaks’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: FluxDaddy – ‘Subtlety Speaks’

A Christian, Future Bass artist, Chris Wilkinson, known more prominently as the indelible FluxDaddy, has been slowly, but steadily making a name for himself across SoundCloud. While there isn’t much known about the man behind the FluxDaddy moniker, there is plenty to learn from the vibrant, EDM sounds that he produces.

Explained best by the man himself, “My music is where you will find me. The emotions that I have no idea how to put into words are what my music is made of.”

Impressively, FluxDaddy has made each of his albums to represent a year in his life as an artist, showcasing his growth, evolutions, and every important moment, both good and bad. His first album captured his arrival on the music scene as an artist, charting his inspirations and transformations in life. Now, FluxDaddy is championing the upcoming release of his second album, ‘Subtlety Speaks’, which is set for release on the 12th of February this year.

To support the release, FluxDaddy has recently shared the title track from the album, which you can stream above via SoundCloud. A vibrant anthem of cascading synths and heavy bass tones, it’s a track that demands attention and promises big things.

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