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Listen: Freddie Bourne – ‘The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Freddie Bourne – ‘The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco’

A wonderfully talented artist on the cusp of becoming an international name, Freddie Bourne is back in the spotlight with the release of his new four-track EP, ‘The Trouble Boy At The Bonfire Disco’, available now on all major platforms. Continuing his more recent experimental leanings, the new EP is a sensational glimpse into his vibrant, creative world.

While he never envisioned himself to be fronting two bands in high school, Freddie Bourne was never one to let the unexpected stop him. A floppy-haired and wildly talented New Jersey Native, Freddie spent his high school years wrapped in music, writing, recording and performing with various bands at local haunts like The Saint, The Stone Pony, and the Starland Ballroom.

While fame and fortune never quite found his early bands, Freddie was determined to make a name for himself. Armed with a handful of songs, he took a chance on a solo career, carving his path through the local music scene until he found his first taste of success opening for One Tree Hill’s Tyler Hilton, Dion Roy, and Mike Schavio. From then on, Freddie became an unstoppable musical force, refining his pop-rock sound and releasing the seminal ‘Only Human’.

Enraptured by his unique blend of indie aesthetic, trip-hop sounds, and heartfelt acoustic stylings, Freddie’s audience continued to grow, leading him to perform at the National Special Olympic Games in 2014, finding success on YouTube, and eventually working with a plethora of talents artists who all bolstered his craft. After signing with The Latest Noise Records, Freddie released his sophomore project, ‘I Wrote These Songs with Heavy Vibes and a Piano’, infused with the experimental production akin to that of Panda Bear, Milky Chance, and Regina Spektor. It was a celebrated and momentous comeback and the start of a bold new chapter in his career.

Now, Freddie is back with his latest EP, ‘The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco’, a deep-house, pop record that pays homage the late 90's and early 00's pop scene. Self-described as "conscious house-pop" music, the new EP holds firm to four unique tracks, each infused with a deft organic sound and personal flourishes that ensures the music is brilliantly danceable as well as wonderfully relatable.

Led by dynamic singles like ‘I Hope You Don’t Forgive Me’ and the irrepressible ‘Jeni’, the new EP is a dynamic and colourful reminder of Freddie’s talents, as well a bold new exploration of the pop genre. Infused with depth and authentic human emotion, there is a sense of magic about the EP that creates a deeper sense of how difficult and frightening, but ultimately worthwhile relationships can be. Deeply reflective and easily relatable, there is a gentle balance at play, blending more visceral and sensitive moments with low-key hooks and electrifying musical pathways.

Available now on Spotify and most major platforms, ‘The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco’ is a release that will enchant you in an instance and keep you for a lifetime.

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