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Listen: Joemayk – ‘Animal Soul’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Joemayk – ‘Animal Soul’

A guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer from the heart of Venezuela, Joemayk first came to our attention with his single, ‘For What You Long For’, an emotive rock anthem that took us completely by surprise.

It was a single that encapsulated his career so far, capturing the energy and passion that had first emerged when he began his musical career in 1999 as a solo artist under the name of Aaron Avanish. It was also a track that full realised his change in direction, marking the point where his moniker of Joemayk took over.

Arriving on the waves of his new EP, Joemayk’s new single brilliantly brings his year of creative evolution to a close, celebrating his journey of self-discovery and blossoming new style. Titled ‘Animal Soul’, the single is an explosive anthem that takes lead from both nostalgic classic rock and contemporary indie. It’s a track that leads by example while also building on the foundation that his previous work set, and its instantly become a favourite around the Broken 8 offices.

Stream ‘Animal Soul’ above, and grab your very own digital copy on iTunes now.

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