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Listen: K.E.I.S. – ‘If She Like It I Love It’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: K.E.I.S. – ‘If She Like It I Love It’

Inspired by the heavy sounds of 80’s Hip-Hop, K.E.I.S. is a hip-hop artist who has only recently emerged from the underground scene. The rapper, whose name stands for Kill Everything In Sight has been busy writing and recording his music for over six years now, but it’s only recently that he’s begun to release his tracks onto the world.

With a penchant for producing narrative driven tracks that culminate in a deft and inspired point, he’s been making waves with tracks like ‘Get What You Give’, and modern Hip-Hop anthem that we reviewed earlier this year.

A few months on, and K.E.I.S. is back with another independent anthem titled ‘If She Like It I Love It’. Available to stream now on Spotify, the new track is another powerful showing of his currently untapped talents.

An artist with a lot to say and a seemingly unlimited way of saying them, ‘If She Like It I Love It’ is another big reason why we all need to start taking notice of K.E.I.S.

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