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Listen: Latter – ‘Lose’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Latter – ‘Lose’

When it comes to genres, rap and hip-hop are arguably two of the most over-saturated and uniform of them all. Widely popular and frequently underdeveloped, they’re musical worlds in which rappers are ten-a-penny and true artists are becoming increasingly hard to find. Often defined, and ultimately ruled, by clichés masquerading as traditions, it’s always refreshing to find an artist willing to break the mould and try something new.

When it comes to South California’s Latter, it’s easy to see that there’s something more there. Carving his own colourful path through the increasingly monochromatic hip-hop scene, Latter has been developing and experimenting his sound for the past thirteen years, starting with the bass before building his vocals and lyrical abilities. A constant innovator and collaborator, Latter has taken all the knowledge and experience from his time in bands and brought it to the hip-hop scene.

While only two singles into his career, Latter has already shown more creativity than most established artists, pushing a more orchestral sound that off-sets the heavy bass tones, sharp percussive beats, and his natural, emotive flow. Released just two months ago, ‘Lose’ carries with it all the hallmarks of the modern trap and twisting them into a modern interpretation of the late ‘90s sound. Fading into the existence with a rolling waving of unhinged carnival sounds, there is an instant sense of originality about the piece, creating a dark and evolving environment that few artists would dare to work in.

As the vocals arrive, more conventional instrumentals push their way to the fore, carrying forward a wave of synthesized drums and calculated percussive patterns the seamlessly mix with the atmospheric synths and melancholic tone. Vocally, Latter shines with a shifting stream of pitches and tones, reshaping the song and turning it into something that is wonderfully unique. Matched with a final lingering decay, ‘Lose’ fades after only two-and-a-half minutes of noise, leaving you scrambling for more and reaching for that reply button.

An impressive debut, Latter has recently backed up ‘Lose’ with a triumphant follow-up, ‘Strangers’. An equally impressive release that carries his sound forward, ‘Strangers’ digs into the emotions behind experiencing amnesia and falling in love again, creating a captivating single in every sense of the word.

While still only early in his career, it’s easy to see the how far Latter could go. With a confident sound and willingness to experiment, he’s been able to announce himself with flair, proving his worth beyond any shadow of a doubt. An underground star in the making, Latter has the potential to go from hidden talent to global sensation over the next few years, and if he can keep producing singles like this, then there’s no limit to what he can create.

You can stream both ‘Lose’ and ‘Strangers’ today on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify, and be sure to follow Latter on his social media pages below for all the latest news and releases.

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