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Listen: Monica Ortiz – ‘Journey Home’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Monica Ortiz – ‘Journey Home’

One of Nashville’s shining talents, Monica Ortiz has spent her life caring for others. Whether it be her family, friends, or just those lucky enough to find themselves around her, Monica’s compassion and care have been two driving forces in both her personal life and her career. Encouraged by those around her to pick up a pen and writer down her words of empathetic wisdom, Monica left behind her career as a film producer and publish her first book.

It wasn’t long before her ambitions grew even greater, and in 2016 Monica launched The Exceptional Life Institute, a unique organisation inspired by principals of her book. In her own words, Monica explained that she, “kept seeing this need for change in the self-help industry, so I began working on shifting the idea of self-help into real self-education. I wanted to build a place for people to heal themselves.”

Although she had found her success, Monica’s restless creativity was still searching for something more, and the progression of film producer to author to musician seemed all too natural. After getting back in touch with her friend Matthew Odmark (from Jars of Clay), Monica was determined to embark on a new musical adventure, a record of original material.

Written between Los Angeles and Nashville, ‘Journey Home’ emerged as a compelling and deeply melodic release, one that was built from Monica’s heart and soul. Featuring contributions from Nashville troubadour Matthew Koziol, lap-steel virtuoso Smith Curry, and legendary gospel group The McCrary Sisters, as well as Joshua Olds (of Family Force 5), his wife AmiBeth Olds, and Jonathon Jircitano (The Tide), the album became a massive collaborative affair like nothing we’ve seen before.

Marrying delicate, captivating vocals with poised, almost ethereal, jazz-tinged pop, ‘Journey Home’ is a unique piece of art that draws few comparisons. Both bright and uplifting, as well as deeply personal and unapologetically human, it’s an album that encourages its listeners to embrace life’s uncertainty and find joy in the everyday.

Monica explained, “The album is an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs because life is a roller coaster ride! I believe you need a strong seatbelt to keep you safe.”

Utterly compelling in every sense of the word, ‘Journey Home’ shines with compassion, perfectly reflecting Monica’s life spent providing solace to others. An album intended to heal the heart, fuel the soul, bring closure, and inspire creativity, passion, and self-love, ‘Journey Home’ is quite simply unforgettable new music.

“I know life is hard yet it is also exhilarating. We need to love ourselves and find an inner strength. If we are there to pick each other up, devastation doesn’t have to be devastating,” Monica says. “Music is the language of the soul. With every song I write or perform, I’d like to sit with each person who is listening and share a moment of tenderness, happiness, understanding, comfort, and love with them.”

You can find ‘Journey Home’ on all major streaming platforms, and be sure to connect with Monica through her social media pages below.

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