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Listen: Nostra – ‘Take It’ & ‘Never Be Afraid’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Nostra – ‘Take It’ & ‘Never Be Afraid’

The creative moniker of producer Hugo Pimenta, Nostra is a Portuguese electronic music project that has been slowly building up steam in his home country. An intriguing talent, Hugo first found his passion for electronic music as a DJ for private and underground parties, cutting his teeth and refining his skills throughout the various tiers of the Portuguese music scene.

In 2004, Hugo began to produce his own music, founding the creative duo of Chemical Plasma, an eight-year project that traversed the psychedelic trance wilderness, expanding and experimenting in all directions at once. Come 2012, and Hugo was looking to do more, and so he formed Nostra, his very own solo project where he is free to indulge every creative whim and explore the various depths of electronic music.

Musically, Hugo’s output looks to defy classification at every turn, darting erratically between flowing, melodic compositions and rough, eclectic sounds. His current focus, Nostra holds the values of trance, house, and deep electronica at its core, but the further you travel into his back-catalogue, the more you realise how deep the rabbit hole runs.

A singular example of his craft, ‘Take It’ is one of Hugo’s best-known singles. A futuristic anthem that is built on a relentless club beat and glistening cascades of house tones, ‘Take It’ combines the most intoxicating elements of the EDM world and compiles them into a perfectly polished three-minute cut.

One of many hybrid tracks, ‘Take It’ is the metaphorical tip of the iceberg when it comes to Nostra. Back by an arsenal of hard-hitting, club-infused anthems, Hugo’s official YouTube channel is a veritable treasure trove of older tracks.

For those looking for a more modern, pop-influenced sound, Hugo’s Soundcloud page is serving up a fresh array of hits such as ‘Never Be Afraid’. Incorporating elements of dub step and defiant, contemporary trance that verges on industrial, ‘Never Be Afraid’ is a new form of juggernaut that is sure to impress.

A creative force with a talent for blending a diverse range of styles, sounds, and era, Hugo has found is own space in Nostra, and it’s obviously worked out well. A name to look out for and a talent to watch, Nostra is set to be one of Portugal’s most influential new producers.

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