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Listen: One Inch Punch – ‘It’s Complicated’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: One Inch Punch – ‘It’s Complicated’

When most band’s say they’ve invented or reinvented a genre, it’s usually a mix of bravado and promotional bluster, something they can hang a new release on or build hype with. In the case of California’s One Inch Punch though, it’s a true statement of power and intent.

About ten years ago the band first began to get noticed by the music press, and the inevitable question of what genre they inhabited came in droves. It was a question that the band always found hard to answer, they weren’t quite hard rock, and alt. metal didn’t quite cover it, so instead, they made something new, the aptly named ‘SuperRock’.

In essence, SuperRock is post-everything. Influenced by legions of bands from the past, SuperRock is built on everything from Soundgarden to TOOL, Deftones to Nine Inch Nails, and Fugazi to Bad Religion. It’s an genre of endless influences and possibilities, one that takes lead from the past and boldly steps into the future.

For One Inch Punch, SuperRock is a tribute to what’s come before them, a way for them to carve their own path while still paying their dues to the past greats. Release in December last year, ‘It’s Complicated’ is the band’s most complete and impressive release so far.

Four-tracks of explosive post-everything rock, ‘It’s Complicated’ is a release that just keeps on giving. It’s anthemic, intricately built, and skilfully mastered, making it an unstoppable force in music. Stream it above via Spotify, and be sure to follow the band for all the latest through the links below.

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