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Listen: PITHMAN – ‘What I've Done?’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: PITHMAN – ‘What I've Done?’

Born and raised in the South of England, PITHMAN has risen above small-town living to become one of the UK’s most impressive and innovative young talents. An artist who has put himself firmly in the spotlight, PITHMAN is sweeping away the old and carving an exciting new musical path. A spokesman for a new generation of artists born in the 21st Century, PITHMAN is pulling no punches, charging into the fray with dynamic singles like ‘What I’ve Done?’.

After first being introduced to music by his Father, PITHMAN took lead from some of the great alternative and pop acts such as INXS, Men At Work, and A-ha. Now a budding musician in his own right, PITHMAN has made it his mission to expand our current musical world, pushing boundaries and carving out new sonic soundscapes wherever he can.

An eclectic hybrid of dance vibes and pop sensibilities, ‘What I’ve Done?’ fires on all cylinders, breaking through the mainstream with a fresh, unstoppable sound. Part dance anthem and part indie-pop banger, ‘What I’ve Done?’ holds firm to a sharp minimalist approach that wraps itself around PITHMAN’s slow-burning aesthetic.

A triumphant follow-up to his debut single ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, 'What I've Done?' announces PITHMAN is stellar form, pushing his nuanced sound well into the public consciousness. Available now on all major platforms, and with the potential to become one of this year’s breakthrough releases, ‘What I’ve Done?’ is a track you won’t want to miss.

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