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Listen: Roving Reporter – ‘Forget About Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Roving Reporter – ‘Forget About Me’

Nurtured in the vibrant artistic community of New Orleans, singer-songwriter Brett Barrilleaux, the creative mind behind the moniker Roving Reporter, somewhat stumbled into the musical life, urged on by friends to turn his roiling energy and spirit into song.

Now part of the legendary music scene in Seattle, Barrilleaux is furthering his ambition and his reach with his first forays into life as a solo artist. He’s bringing with him a lifetime of music obsession that finds the threads connecting such disparate loves as pop, alt country, zydeco, modern electronic, and jazz/funk. It’s a bold, colourful blend that’s also as comfortable and stylish as a broken in pair of jeans.

‘Forget About Me’, the new single to be taken from his upcoming debut EP ‘Joie de Vivre’, perfectly sets the stage for this new chapter of Barrilleaux’s creative life. An atypical breakup anthem, the new cut is gently psychedelic, ambling along at a steady, unapologetic pace that carries the melody perfectly. Combined with a deft, shuffle-step rhythm and Barrilleaux’s sweetly soothing vocals, it’s the perfect introduction to Roving Reporter.

Describing the song, Barrilleaux explained, “I’ve been sitting on this Travis-style fingerpicking riff along with the lyrics of the first verse for almost two decades. That original verse was so entrenched in my mind, I decided to build on the juxtaposition between the upbeat, rambling riff and that penitent classic breakup theme: it’s not you, it’s me.”

“The song was written on acoustic, and still holds up great that way. That original riff is there throughout this recording, albeit electrified and tucked back in this psychedelic, wall-of-sound version. But it’s still the mortar holding it together and keeping the tone positive.”

“My hope is that this song is approachable and enjoyable for anyone, regardless of their preferred genre. And with any luck, it can inspire others to handle tough situations with integrity and respect, and to move towards something more healthy for everyone.”

The new EP, 'Joie de Vivre' will be released on January 18th, next year.

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