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Listen: Saints Eleven – ‘Coming Back Around’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Saints Eleven – ‘Coming Back Around’

Hailing from the heart of the longhorn state, Texas’ own Saints Eleven have made a name for themselves by blending red dirt country with traditional Americana, and classic blues. They’ve built their all songs on an unrelenting bluegrass background, infusing them with tradition rock energy and a passion that most band’s can only dream.

Last year they championed the release of new album, ‘Coming Back Around’, a stellar showing of their ‘Texas Country’ sound. It was an album that came in the wake of two potent album releases, seven charted radio singles, a slew of virally intensive music videos and co-bills with some of their most celebrated music influences.

Billed as the therapeutic result of dealing with loss in all its glorious phases, ‘Coming Back Around’ carries on the narrative set by its two previous records. In previous releases, frontman Jeff Grossman had shown the story of a man bested by love, one whose heart had been broken and repaired time after time. Now, with the third instalment of the saga, Grossman and co. depicts a man a little wiser for the wear, a soul on the mend who is resolved in sharing a living space with the pain of the past.

You can stream Saints Eleven’s new album on Spotify above, or head on over to iTunes and grab your very own copy of the album.

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