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Listen: Slip the DJ – ‘A Long Look Back’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Slip the DJ – ‘A Long Look Back’

A progressive breakbeat musician from New Orleans, L.A. is an old school creative with deft ear for fresh sounds. Originally grabbing our attention with the release of ‘Radioactive’, Slip has become synonymous with that classic ‘techno’ sound. A product of the 90’s underground scene, his blend of nostalgic house music and innovative drive has made him one of Kundry Music’s most impressive artists.

Inventive, kaleidoscopic, and eternally danceable, Slip’s music is made to build crowds, pique interest and, incite emotion. Making himself known with past releases like ‘Tell Me’, ‘November Song’, ‘Control’ and many more, Slip has refined his production style, bring and life and energy to each and every track.

Heading into the new year with an unstoppable momentum, Slip ended 2018 on a high, releasing his most popular and impressive song to date. Titled ‘To the Top’, the track was filled with an immutable groove that entranced every listener. Incorporating elements of funk with Slip’s breakbeat style and progressive synthesizers, it was the perfect for any electronic dance music fan.

Now, Slip is back with a brand-new EP set to hit the shelves on April 28th. Called ‘A Long Look Back’, the new EP is set to be his most impressive and expansive release to date. Pre-released exclusively on Spotify, the new EP features two huge mixes in ‘Fear’ and ‘Set Me Free’. You can stream the both below.

A powerful showing of old school cool, ‘A Long Look Back’ is easily one of Slip’s most enjoyable modern releases. Visceral, electric, and buzzing with excitement, it’s proof that musical ability doesn’t dim with time.

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