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Listen: Slip the DJ – ‘Retroactive’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Slip the DJ – ‘Retroactive’

A progressive breakbeat musician from the heart of New Orleans, Slip the DJ is a rare talent in the world of electronica. Represented by the acclaimed Kundry Music label, he’s a product of the original 90’s techno movement when the underground scene was awash with now-classic beats. An original and a respected influencer, his work in the 90’s help to form the foundation of modern house music, bringing about a change in music that has gripped the world ever since.

After initially retiring in 2001 to start a family, Slip the DJ is now right back in the thick of it, bringing his talents for forging inventive, kaleidoscopic sounds back into the spotlight. While music has evolved remarkably since the ’90s, the heart of dance music stay strong to a few basic elements, and on ‘Retroactive’, Slip the DJ’s return-to-form epic, he’s shown just what modern EDM can be.

Available to stream now on Spotify, the full ‘Retroactive’ release brings with it the original, progressive cut, alongside two new mixes, showing the full breadth of Slip’s talents. Stream it now, and be sure to follow Slip below for all the latest news about his return.

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