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Listen: The Eric Mathews Band – ‘EMB’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: The Eric Mathews Band – ‘EMB’

Formed over a decade ago, The Eric Mathews Band have constantly strived to bring high quality, contemporary blues to their growing audience. Founded by Eric Mathews, the band have always tried to keep things simple, letting the music speak for itself, and looking to keep blues alive and in the spotlight at any cost.

A musical collective that sees Mathews taking guitar and lead vocal duties, the band really comes together thanks to the combined talents of Nick Shirl, Ben Hines, and Mike Westbrook. Together, the band have put in motion a debut album like few others, the almost-eponymous, ‘EMB’.

Available to stream on Spotify above, the new album contains seven modern tracks that are built on classic Blues nostalgia. Taking a sound and style of a bygone era and bringing it into the present day music scene, The Eric Mathews Band created something of true, authentic wonder. Check it out above, and be sure to follow the band on

Facebook below.

‘EMB’ is also available as a digital download for only $5 from The Eric Mathews Band’s official Bandcamp page.

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