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Listen: The Pete V. Project – ‘Stop Pushing Love Away’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: The Pete V. Project – ‘Stop Pushing Love Away’

Good EDM tracks never die, and in the case of The Pete V. Project’s 2017 hit, ‘Stop

Pushing Love Away’, the cut is sounding as fresh and vibrant as ever. A deft digital track that saw The Pete V. Project listed as first round nominees for the 2017 Grammy submissions, ‘Stop Pushing Love Away’ is a true sonic wonderland.

Bringing EDM to the forefront of her sound, Marie Virginie Pierre, the vocalist, songwriter, music producer, and creative mind behind The Pete V. Project combines pop melody with hard-hitting dance anthemics to make the track something special.

A dense melting pot of styles, the track features a subtle jazzcore influence that builds throughout the track, pushing it forward and making it an rewarding listen. It’s a track that has undoubtedly featured on playlists worldwide since its release, and now it’s featuring on many of our own!

Stream ‘Stop Pushing Love Away’ above via SoundCloud, or head on over to our SoundCloud playlists for the track and even more EDM magic.

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