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Listen: The Whole Peace – ‘Hindsight’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: The Whole Peace – ‘Hindsight’

A mystical alt. rock project from Philadelphia, The Whole Peace have already coloured our pages with two impressive and wonderfully immersive release. Built on the belief that music is a world and force of its very own, the band have worked hard to carve their own unique path through modern, philosophical rock, culminating in a brand new release that is sure to impress.

Titled ‘Hindsight’, the new release is the second full-length LP from The Whole Peace, and their third album release altogether, journeying into the heart of the band’s sound and a deft maelstrom of philosophical wanderings. Centred on the core concept of the hind part of the human brain processing visual stimuli, as well as more intricate philosophical notions such as the transient nature of moments and memories, perception’s attention and where it is placed, and darker themes such as the loss of innocence, ‘Hindsight’ is a monumental release of seemingly endless possibilities.

Unlike the first two albums which were done with a variety of experimentation in recording techniques, the recording of ‘Hindsight’ was a far more deliberate and spontaneous affair, and every take that was not decidedly the one to use in the finished song was deleted immediately after recording the take, ensuring a last-chance style in the delivery and performances of the takes. An evolutionary process, the first set of songs being written for the album was put aside in favour of a collective transcendental experience had by members of the band during the writing process, pushing their inspiration to new levels and ultimately forming the nine tracks on the album.

Backed by the experimental use of erroneous household objects such as wooden spoons, couch cushions, and even floorboards, The Whole Peace have created a unique percussive sound that wonderfully mirrors the spontaneous and creative nature of the album, ensuring it arrives as a complete aural experience.

Highlights abound as the album explores that distinct fraction in time between when a moment occurs and when it is perceived, and through the psychedelic-tinged sounds of album opener ‘Ingenuity’, ‘Leisure’, and the five-minute epic of ‘Generative’, The Whole Peace have creative history.

Dive into the existential brilliance of ‘Hindsight’ today on Spotify, as well as on iTunes and CD Baby.

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