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Listen: TJ Marion – ‘Disposable’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: TJ Marion – ‘Disposable’

An artist who has been singing and developing his sound since childhood, Todd Marion, A.K.A. the immutable TJ Marion, has made music and the artist a central focus in his life. A budding actor with a double major and a degree in theatre, TJ has made himself a man of talents. After acting he became a producer, and from there a writer, publishing his Master’s thesis, and evolving his work into that of a songwriter.

It’s this ability to adapt and evolve that has seen TJ through number of music groups, including Local-MU12, a bi-coasted group where he was able to work with a number of his idols. After moving on from the group, TJ began to find traction as a solo artist, arriving at the present day and the release of his latest single, ‘Disposable’.

A song that blends the genres of indie, pop, and RnB, his new single is a vibrant track that TJ has built from the framework of his inspirations. A track all about self-love and finding inner peace, ‘Disposable’ is a powerful anthem of positivity for a world that desperately needs it. In his own words, TJ has described the track as being about, “looking yourself in the mirror and recognizing all of your flaws before anyone else, and despite whatever those flaws maybe, love yourself anyway.”

Available now on most major platforms, ‘Disposable’ marks a powerful step forward for TJ Marion, as well as a deliberate call to make a change. Stream it now.

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