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Listen: Tuesday X - 'Pop'

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Tuesday X - 'Pop'

Bouncing around the Midwest, Tuesday X began their music career in 2015, rising from the creative mind of high school senior Seth Babbitt. Acting as an emotive, multi-genre pop project, Tuesday X have recently released their fourth album, the vibrant, dizzying 'Pop', which is available now from Bandcamp.

Tuesday X has released two self-titled EP's and three full length albums so far; 'Self Doubt & Perpetual Sadness' in 2016, 'Toddler' in 2017, and the accalimed 'Nocturna' in 2018, as well as a handful of non-album singles.

From the first moments of 'Pop' we're greeted with mesmerizing synths, catchy vocal hooks, pounding dance beats, and you'll get sucked right in from there. Starting off the album is the lead single "Pop Music", driven by its strong synth melody and building into what had been described as "almost like being at a theatre". A song about moving forward and letting go of bad memories, this theme carries on throughout the album in most of the 13 tracks. 

'Pop' is an album where any one of the thirteen tracks could have been a single and it would have been equally as powerful and serves effective in portraying the mood of the album.

"Pop Music was a sense of relief. It was an older, less accepting version of myself growing and evolving into someone with an open mind and new perspectives. After years of rejection and prejudice, I've accepted and embraced Pop music as a respectable genre and I'm learning to express my inner pop sensibilities." says Babbitt.

"I wasn't in a good place when I recorded this album," he laments, "Many aspects of my life were changing at once and this was my way of staying grounded through all of it. I focused on melodies and textured sounds, and for inspiration I dove deep into current top 40 hits and various styles of pop music from previous decades. I wanted to make something that people can dance to and anyone could enjoy."

'Pop' is available now through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers as of February 12, 2019.

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