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Listen: Wvvy & Rudeger – ‘Respect Me’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Wvvy & Rudeger – ‘Respect Me’

When tasked with writing about newcomers Wvvy and Rudeger, it became almost immediately apparent that it wasn’t going to be an easy job. Two talented artists and creatives, the duo have been slowly taking over Toronto's blossoming underground scene with their unique and collaborative take on contemporary hip-hop, but little else is really known about them. Whether by design or just through sheer oversight, both artist’s social media pages remain blank slates, placards to two enigmatic talents that are determined to do things on their own terms.

After a string of solo endeavours, including Wvvy’s debut record ‘Lost At Sea’ and Rudeger’s semi-eponymous album ‘Rudeger The Album’, the two Toronto talents have decided to join forces to release new single ‘Respect Me’. Written by Adam Cosens and Nicolas Shirani, and with some stellar production from $egador, ‘Respect Me’ hits with an immutable and almost immediate force, rising from a gentle, evolving RnB mix to become a smooth and wonderfully collaborative anthem.

Showcasing the vocals talents of both rappers, ‘Respect Me’ blends a soft, ambient sound with more visceral hip-hop leanings, creating a composed, but distinct sound that is sure to impress.

Available now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, ‘Respect Me’ is a modern take on a popular genre, offering a delicate twist on the classic hip-hop sound that will soon be taking over the mainstream.

Stream ‘Respect Me’ above and be sure to connect with Wvvy and Rudeger on their social media pages for all the latest news and releases.

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