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Listen: Ynd Fuego – ‘FUEGO SNZ 2’

by admin August 26, 2020

Listen: Ynd Fuego – ‘FUEGO SNZ 2’

Born and raised in San Diego, Ynd Fuego is a young talent at the very forefront of the rap game. With a penchant classic lyricism, melodic beats, and flowing undercurrents of smooth autotune, his sound has become a startling vision of the modern rap scene.

Best described as both melodically driven and distinctly infectious, Fuego’s autotune driven raps have been slowly making waves across the globe, finding their footing on Spotify, Soundcloud and beyond. In his latest release, the semi-eponymous ‘FUEGO SNZ 2’, Fuego has taken his new age sound to the next level, piecing together six of his most impressive tracks into one landmark record.

Polished, original, and wonderfully vibrant, every track on ‘FUEGO SNZ 2’ glistens with an autotuned sheen, taking production to the extreme and leaning into the glistening new age world. Beats resound, keys rise and fall in streams of ethereal melody, and through it all Fuego pushes his homegrown style.

Available to stream above, Fuego is arguably his most evolved release so far, reflecting the modern era of music with ease and an unflinching sense of bravado. An artist of the modern age, 2020 is set to be the year of Ynd Fuego.

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