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Premiere: American Fever – ‘Dance Dance’

by admin August 26, 2020

Premiere: American Fever – ‘Dance Dance’

One of Brooklyn’s most highly anticipated new bands, American Fever have charged into the spotlight once more with the release of landmark new single, ‘Dance Dance’. A high tempo epic that we’re proud to premiere, the new single is a perfect illustration of their indie-rock sound, building on the solid anthemics of their past releases while also hinting at a subtle new direction for the bands.

An ambitious five-piece with seemingly unlimited creativity, American Fever draws upon draws inspiration from the Rolling Stones, Sufjan Stevens, the Beach Boys, John Coltrane, and Claude Debussy to bring their sound to life, combining classic rock sounds with contemporary indie experimentation. Bringing a variety of instruments to the fore, including everything from piano to banjo to mandolin to three-part vocal counterpoint, the group have quickly risen through the ranks of the underground scene to become one of band’s to watch in 2020.

Their new single offers a slightly new direction for American Fever, cultivating a more mature and universal sound than their previous EP’s, and current hit single, ‘Desert Sun’.

Of the new track, the band had this to say, "With 'Dance Dance' we wanted a simple blues track with a pop chorus. We all really loved playing it live, so we needed to capture that live sound on the record. So we went back, and recorded at a great studio in upstate NY, called Old Soul Studios. We must have done it twenty times, but ultimately went back to the first take. It's a fun song and really hope people enjoy it."

Set to make American Fever a global name, ‘Dance Dance’ is fast becoming our favourite new anthem. Stream it above, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram below for all the latest news and live shows.

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