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Premiere: Benny Sinclair – ‘Jungle’

by admin August 26, 2020

Premiere: Benny Sinclair – ‘Jungle’

An aspiring rapper and musician from the creative heart of Melbourne, Benny Sinclair has been making a name for himself with a series of stellar creative releases. Pushing his own unique and wonderfully intricate brand of hip-hop across the Australian wilderness, Benny has arrived as a refreshingly burst of energy in his local music scene, and with the recent release of his new video, ‘Jungle’, Benny has set himself up to become one of the leading talents of 2020.

Landing himself firmly on the musical map with the release of his latest hip-hop anthology, ‘Assumptions’, Benny made his sound and style clear, pushing boundaries with a defiant and unwavering sound. Delving deep into his musical endeavours, Sinclair shows no sign of slowing down as his ambitions fuel his inspiration.

Taken from the landmark album, ‘Jungle’ is Benny’s own modern version of ‘Concrete Jungle’, a track first brought to life by one of his great inspirations, Bob Marley. Released today alongside its official music video, Benny had this to say,

“Although this song is pure ‘Hip Hop’ leaning on Trap and Grime in style, the lyrics express my personal frustrations & anxieties of modern-day urban living, and my inner urges to escape & find a simple life. The video displays this in a tough yet humorous narrative.”

You can stream the raw hip-hop anthemics of ‘Jungle’ above, and be sure to head over to Benny’s official website for all the latest news and show, as well as to find ‘Assumptions’ on both Spotify and iTunes.

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