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Premiere: Fabrizio Paterlini – ‘Eyes Closed’

by admin August 26, 2020

Premiere: Fabrizio Paterlini – ‘Eyes Closed’

It’s a fitting parallel that composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini was born and lives in the ancient northern Italian city of Mantua. A romantic and historically significant centre of musical and artistic excellence, the city’s elegance and cultural depth permeate Paterlini’s exquisite original solo piano compositions. Yet despite Mantua’s unavoidable influence in informing the composer’s work, his cinematic music is far from localised, or even recognisably Italian, instead tapping directly into universal human emotions.

An engaging artist unlike any other, Paterlini’s work has listeners and critics alike are torn as to how best to label the beautiful sound. A lavish mix of neo-classical, ambient, minimalist and New Age sounds, Paterlini’s music is something far greater than the sum of its influences. Most frequently described as ethereal, soulful, lush, emotive, dreamy, delicate and, tellingly, and passionate, there is a seemingly limitless stream of words that can apply to Paterlini’s music, ultimately making it something that is better experienced than analysed.

The composer himself describes his work as “like a glass of red wine on a summer evening,” in awareness of the calming effect of his reflective melodies on the listener. His popularity on the digital platforms is constantly growing: his Spotify stats are impressive and he can count on more than sixty-five million streams overall, with an average of 700,000 listeners per month.

With an unparalleled sound and constant, creative energy, Paterlini is now proud to premiere a landmark new release, the stunning ‘Eyes Closed’. Released today alongside its official music video, ‘Eyes Closed’ captures the atmosphere of the ancient villa in which it was recorded, creating a sound that is sonic, soulful, and utterly enchanting.

Of the track, Paterlini explained, "This song is a pure improvisation, played on the day of the recording. The atmosphere of the ancient villa in which we were recording, together with the softness of the sound obtained by the felt mounted between the hammer and the string of the grand piano, led me to discover this unknown territory, in which everything is light and ethereal. The result is in a silky melody, which can only by listened with eyes closed."

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Eyes Closed’ is Paterlini at his most poignant and impressive, offering a stunning glimpse of things to come.

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