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Premiere: Jake Benjamin – ‘4 Hours’

by admin August 26, 2020

Premiere: Jake Benjamin – ‘4 Hours’

In life, where you begin is sometimes where you belong. It’s a hard lesson, but one that singer-songwriter Jake Benjamin was quick to learn. After a string of decisions that rose from his very centre, Jake found himself stuck in a dizzying whirlwind, pushed to the brink in a rampaging, self-reflective odyssey. It was a long and expansive journey, but one that has eventually led him back to the path of music.

A rare and gifted artist, Jake discovered his talents earlier on in his life, striving to create something that was both artistically and stylistically his own. When the time came, however, Jake decided to pursue a career as a music business professional, rather than an artist. Eventually, the pull of songwriting was too great, and with a passion for jazz burning within, he couldn’t resist the timeless urge to create.

Combining more formal musical training with ambition and a will to explore more artistic interpretations of sound, Jake has steeped his innovative approach in expansive loops station, textured vocal layering, beatboxing, and body percussion. A glistening example of his sound, Jake’s return to music is something to behold, as well as something that demands to be experienced.

Titled ‘4 Hours’, Jake’s new song illustrates obsession and how it draws from expectation. Speaking honestly about the track, Jake said, “I wrote this song after a Tinder date I had in New York with this person who lived in Scotland. ‘4 Hours’ is the idea of having to face the reality that sometimes the love story cannot happen”.

A poignant and impressive piece, ‘4 Hours’ is a triumphant return to music for Jake, ensuring it’s a single that demands to be celebrated. Stream it above via Soundcloud, along with most major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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