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Premiere: Jelly Kelly – ‘Static Sky’

by admin August 26, 2020

Premiere: Jelly Kelly – ‘Static Sky’

A talented new band from the beating heart of Brooklyn, Jelly Kelly began as the creative side project of Keith Kelly, a local singer and guitarist best known for his work in Monogold. Joined by the likes of Jared Apuzzo on drums, Nicolas Dube on guitar and Dom Bodo on bass, Jelly Kelly has evolved to become an entity in its own right, ushering in a new age of visceral sound.

The latest stellar release from the band, ‘Static Sky’ arrives today alongside its official video, bringing with it a massive wave of proto-punk, hook-heavy brilliance. Effortlessly cool and incessantly catchy, ‘Static Sky’ features guest vocals from the Painted Zero’s Katie Lau and an unstoppable alt. rock energy, offering a perfect glimpse into the band’s six-track epic, ‘Fresh Paint’.

Stream the new video in full below.

Released digitally late last year, ‘Fresh Paint’ is a landmark release that crosses the boundaries between pop and rock, offering a unique and wonderfully fun new vision that perfectly captures the band’s sound. You can stream the full release on Spotify today.

Jelly Kelly will be playing the 66th Congress Greenpoint on Sunday, the 26th of January alongside Baby Blue, Sleepers Union, and Laura Palmer. Get all the details and tickets today.

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