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Review: 308 Ghost Train – ‘I'll Unbreak Your Heart’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: 308 Ghost Train – ‘I'll Unbreak Your Heart’

An original rock bank from Cortez, Florida, 308 Ghost Train have built their hard rock sound on the bones of the past, taking the highlights of rock’s golden era and meshed it with an uplifting and inspiring message for the people of today. A band who seek to inspire the disenfranchised, the band first made their name on the music scene with the release of ‘21 Guns and A Million Tears’, a slice of contemporary rock dedicated to America’s military veterans and first responders.

Founded by POSI Award-winning songwriter and vocalist Anthony “Train” Caruso, the band take their name from the Gospel of John 3:8, signifying the spiritual nature of the band. Matched by their passion for classic rock music, their sound is vibrant and energetic, yet tastefully melodic, with a keen ear for timeless songwriting. Taken from their new EP, ‘Born in The Wild’, the band’s latest offering is the deeply melodic ‘I’ll Unbreak You Heart’, a modern rock ballad with an undeniably dynamic soul.

A rock ballad in the truest sense, the new single follows in the well-trodden path of Bon Jovi and Springsteen, capturing an authentic emotional essence through cascades of lavish piano chords, gritty vocals, and a defiant rock energy. A song of complex and intricate contrasts, ‘I’ll Unbreak You Heart’ fades in and out of somber, melancholic verses and bright, almost hopeful choruses, creating a deft emotional range that has since been lost from modern rock.

Bringing classic and enduring songwriting back into the world of rock, 308 Ghost Train’s song is infused with personality, integrity, and energy, and it definitely shows in their songwriting. The new single feels personal and relatable, and refreshingly new, moving away from the overplayed rock clichés and focusing more on the heart and soul of the genre. A strong introduction to their sound, ‘I’ll Unbreak You Heart’ is a real joy to listen to, and if the rest of the EP is of the same caliber, then it’ll be a hard act to follow for the rest of the genre.

Score: 8/10

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