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Review: 3Mind Blight – ‘Breaking Down’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: 3Mind Blight – ‘Breaking Down’

It’s been a little while since we last heard from 3Mind Blight, but then he’s hardly been idle. Transitioning between his DeadEyeChokeHold and 3Mind Blight, the enigmatic M. Boucher has been carving out two distinct musical personas, each representing a different half of his dark, creative mind. Championing the return of his original ‘Boom Bap Rap’ and grunge rock vehicle, 3Mind Blight is back to take over our isolated realities with new single ‘Breaking Down’.

Bringing his visceral fusion of evolved melody and raging distortion back to the fore, 3Mind Blight pays homage to the golden age of rap-rock, channelling early Linkin Park and twisting things into his own unique chaos. Aptly titled, the track breaks away from conventional structure and timing, rejecting the norm and filling the empty space with a dense, thrilling mess of animalistic vocals, dynamic, shifting contrasts, and scrappy hip-hop influences.

Raw, unapologetic and wonderfully unhinged, ‘Breaking Down’ captures the absolute essence of a runaway crisis, combining disarming lyrics with a whirlwind of emotive and unexpected sounds to create a song of unique importance.

Perfectly portraying the most powerful emotions and intense moments in song, ‘Breaking Down’ is a masterclass in taking the most effective elements of two genres and creating something more. Utterly fascinating and instantly unforgettable, ‘Breaking Down’ is a triumphant and moving return to form for 3Mind Blight.

You can experience ‘Breaking Down’ for yourself today on Spotify and all major platforms, and be sure to follow 3Mind Blight on his social media pages for all the latest news and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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