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Review: 621 – ‘Versatile 2’

by admin August 26, 2020

Review: 621 – ‘Versatile 2’

A versatile and enigmatic younger musician from Austin, Texas, 621 has already carved his own musical path through the constantly evolving world of rap. With three albums under his bet and a Soundcloud page that boasts an impressive range of styles, his work captures both the creative freedom of the underground scene and seamlessly fuses it with the big brand production of the mainstream.

His third album to date, ‘Versatile 2’ is a mammoth twenty-one track release that covers immense ground. A collection of energetic freestyles, emotive raps, and unshakeable hip-hop cuts, the album is potentially the most expansive and complete picture of a musician’s talents this year. Cutting through several eras in hip-hop to arrive at a more intimate and evolved sound, 621’s new album rolls through a diverse roster of sounds, bringing together subtle, spoke words cuts, rough-cut RnB beats, an acoustic mumble rap, amongst a growing cacophony of sounds.

Holding firm to a soulful, almost poetic form, the album separates itself from the majority of mainstream rap by focusing on deep, ingrained melodies and layered melancholic sounds, pushing the emotional envelope and constantly searching for a deep and meaningful connection. Sometimes cloying, sometimes mesmerising, the album’s layered, immensely textured sounds make it a constantly engaging listen, even if you’re just hanging on to hear what might come next.

Unique, rough, and raw, there are moments in ‘Versatile 2’ that shines with honesty and real emotional depth, and others that fall flat amongst a cascade of more monotone vocals and under-developed beats. It’s not always solid gold, but it’s not all brass either, creating a balance that is charming, subtle, and constantly growing. A release of real potential and divisive quality, ‘Versatile 2’ is an honest album that leaves an impression.

‘Versatile 621’ is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Score: 6.5/10

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